Desert Island Tool #3

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Box and Whisker Plot. Right in the middle of my top 5 Desert Island Tools is one of the most illustrative and simple graphs available to an analyst. The box and whisker plot reveals center, spread, shape and outliers. It can be used to stratify a data set and demonstrate differences in one or more levels […]

Desert Island Tool #4

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Scatter Diagram. The visual nature of the scatter diagram makes it a shoe-in for use on my Desert Island. Not only does the shape of the scatter illustrate relationship strength and direction, but it allows for the identification of outliers. Outliers can be the most informative part of a data set. If you understand why […]

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Data is only useful when it is managed. Let Monda Consulting show you how to manage, extract and utilize data by assisting you to: Mine your organization’s existing data to understand process quality and customer requirements Learn how to improve the quality and accuracy of your organization’s data Apply the power of graphic analysis to […]

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EXECUTIVE LEVEL STRATEGIC PLANNING AND EXECUTION Monda Consulting will partner with your organization’s leadership team to set priorities for process and quality improvement. Learn more > BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT (BPI) SYSTEMS Business Process Improvement (BPI) Systems – Monda Consulting can evaluate your organization’s current BPI system or partner to custom design and deploy a new […]

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Marilyn Monda is passionate about her 30 year practice in accelerated quality improvement. She is Deming-trained; a statistician, psychologist and Master Black Belt. Her mission—and the mission of Monda Consulting—is to partner with your organization to align, build, and continually improve a comprehensive business process and quality improvement system using the theories of W. Edwards […]