Analyze and Improve:

Monda Consulting will lead process teams through a unique combination of current and future state process mapping utilizing rapid lean principles and 30-60-90 day action item implementation:

  • Our Rapid Lean Workshops are designed to get the right people in the room—with Monda Consulting as your experienced facilitator. Together with management support, your process experts will identify workable, rapid solutions that achieve your strategic goal for the process and its outcome
  • Since your operational teams design and support the rationale for making the process changes, effective change management is a natural outcome of our approach


Defect Prevention

Monda Consulting designs customized Defect Prevention Systems that include:

  • Supplier quality control systems
  • Process-focused risk analysis
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) for key process indicators
  • Equipment and gauge optimization
  • Process capability assessment and reporting
  • Effective process control plans

“Monda Consulting led our Kaizen and became a real partner in the process. We were shown how to evaluate each step, how to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency. This led to such an improved business process that really underscored the value of the exercise. I can’t remember when a project generated as much enthusiasm and team engagement.”
—Vicki McGuire, Senior Vice President, Vitamin World