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Monda Consulting will partner with you to improve transactional or manufacturing processes so that your organization can deliver excellent products and services.


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Monda Consulting will partner with you to improve transactional or manufacturing processes so that your organization can deliver excellent products and services. The result of our partnership will be process excellence that will improve and sustain customer satisfaction, productivity and competitive advantage—and also make your company a great place to work. We will show you how to keep the improvement focus squarely on the process and help you to rapidly solve complex problems through the utilization of facilitated Rapid Lean Workshops, DMAIC Problem-Solving, Analytic Methods and Defect Prevention Systems. 

If your company wishes to establish, support or grow an internal Business Process Improvement (BPI) organization, Monda Consulting can show you how to build a BPI engine that will drive effective strategy execution. We partner with your leaders to identify high potential belt candidates and offer customized training that will grow a strong quality improvement corps. And if you require mentors for your newly minted Green Belts (GB), Black Belts (BB), and Master Black Belts (MBB) we can provide that support through their first critical projects or lead them through their first designed experiment.

Spiral of Improvement


List Of Services…

Executive Level Strategic Planning and Execution


Monda Consulting will partner with your organization’s leadership team to set priorities for process and quality improvement.

Business Process Improvement (BPI ) Systems


Whether your company’s BPI systems are centralized, distributed, complex or simple—we can help you to make it more effective.

Process-focused Kaizen-Like Workshops and Management workshops

Monda Consulting will lead process teams through a unique combination of current and future state process mapping utilizing rapid lean principles and 30-60-90 day action item implementation.

Defect Prevention Systems

Monda Consulting designs customized Defect Prevention Systems.

Graphic and Statistical Analysis

Data is only useful when it is managed. Let Monda Consulting show you how to manage, extract and utilize data.

Customized Training

At Monda Consulting we believe that training should be on-demand, focused, customized and delivered by nimble experts who know how to communicate at all levels of your organization. 

Project Mentoring

Mentoring is a critical element in the development of your internal resources. Monda Consulting can act as a trusted advisor to your GBs, BBs and MBBs. 

Resource Management

We believe your Belts are more than project and problem-solving experts. Your Belts should play a critical role in achieving full benefit from your BPI Strategic Plan. Monda Consulting can help you.

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Customer Satisfaction


Here are just a few positive testimonials from previous clients…

Kathleen Carey, Gensler, Community Impact Leader

“Marilyn Monda translates business needs into process improvement results that deliver impressive bottom line impact. She has deep expertise, achieving notable successes with teams in the US, Japan, Europe and Asia. Her uniquely pragmatic approach to interpreting dense statistics enables data driven decision-making by key business executives.”
Kathleen Carey, Gensler, Community Impact Leader

Angela Fiordilino, Chief Operating Officer, eNova

“Rapid growth left us with a contracting process that lagged behind the demand, creating customer satisfaction issues. Monda Consulting challenged us to find ways to streamline the process and increase the efficiency of our team. Marilyn helped us create a sustainable model that can manage growth. We couldn’t have done it without her!”
—Angela Fiordilino, Chief Operating Officer, eNova

Jeanne M. Regnante, Merck & Company

In today’s corporate environment, we must learn to do more with less, at an accelerated rate. Marilyn Monda took our leadership team through a workshop that helped us understand, prioritize, and align our priorities. She helped us identify achievable goals, and provided us with the support we needed to execute them. Her ability to help us to realize clear, sustainable, and memorable solutions was outstanding. Jeanne M. Regnante, Chief of Staff and Head, Office of the Chief Medical Officer, Strategy Office, Merck & Company


About Monda Consulting

Marilyn Monda is passionate about her 35 year practice in accelerated quality improvement. She is Deming-trained; a statistician, psychologist and Master Black Belt. Her mission—and the mission of Monda Consulting—is to partner with your organization to align, build, and continually improve a comprehensive business process and quality improvement system using the theories of W. Edwards Deming, Systems Thinking, Rapid Lean, Change Management and Structured Problem Solving as guiding principles. Monda Consulting treats quality improvement as a system with elements that add unique value while supporting each other in a synergistic manner.


Monda Consulting will...

add value, whether your organization is just starting out or already on the quality improvement journey

Partner with you...

to target and execute projects and implement change management in order to achieve rapid, effective and sustainable results

Mentor to insure...

the success of your organization’s BPI team, processes and strategic project work

Connect you with...

an extensive network of quality professionals when needed to address any identified quality challenge

Lead your organization...

to increased customer satisfaction, productivity and competitive advantage through accelerated quality improvement

We’ll be there when needed…

Start today you’ll be surprised at the results!

  • Process oriented action
  • Insightful criticiscm
  • Affordable customized rates
  • Translate business needs into improvement results
  • Uniquely pragmatic approach
  • Data driven decision-making

Contact Monda Consulting...

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions and or concerns you may have

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to commend to your attention Miss Marilyn Monda as a consultant in quality. She has studied my system of Profound Knowledge and continues to study. She has had long experience in improvement of processes in a wide variety of applications. She is a perennial student, always learning. She is personally delightful to work with.”
—W. Edwards Deming, Consultant in Statistical Studies (August, 1991)


Common Questions

Why Choose Monda Consulting?
  • Monda Consulting is preeminent in the quality improvement field and is often invited to share expertise at industry conferences and events.

  • Monda Consulting is actively involved as member leaders in associations such as American Society for Quality.

  • Monda Consulting services are delivered by BPI experts with real-world experience. Our track record in delivering quality consulting services includes private and public sectors as well as manufacturing and service applications.

  • Monda Consulting is well positioned to provide a full suite of quality consulting services and works quickly to help your company deal successfully with any size of project, from a large multi-faceted quality initiative to individual process improvements, from the design of a complete quality system through to assistance with its implementation.

What are signs our organization could benefit from Accelerated Quality Improvement?
  • Do you have processes that are ill-defined, wasteful, or producing defective materials?
  • Is your Quality Management System in need of upgrade?
  • Would you like to tap the power of the data you collect but ignore?
  • Would you like to train or advance your people to become process analysis experts (Green Belts, Black Belts, Master Black Belts)

If the answer to any of these questions are yes, then your organization could benefit from Accelerated Quality Improvement!

How do we get started?

Call Monda Consulting today for a free initial consultation! Working closely with your staff, we will begin by looking at your processes objectively to determine your needs and priorities. We tailor our services accordingly using our proven processes and templates to provide a practical, efficient and cost-effective approach to your project.

What does Accelerated Quality Improvement mean?

Monda Consulting is committed to quickly conceiving, developing, and implementing strategies and processes to improve quality and efficiency aligned with your priorities. Our excellent project management skills are complimented by our ability to work with the client in utilizing their systems and their personnel to complete the project.

Can the work be done virtually?

Yes, Monda Consulting is practiced in delivering virtually. On-site consulting is also available.

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