Let Us Partner With You

Monda Consulting will partner with you to improve transactional or manufacturing processes so that your organization can deliver excellent products and services. The result of our partnership will be process excellence that will improve and sustain customer satisfaction, productivity and competitive advantage—and also make your company a great place to work. We will show you how to keep the improvement focus squarely on the process and help you to rapidly solve complex problems through the utilization of facilitated Rapid Lean Workshops, DMAIC Problem-Solving, Analytic Methods and Defect Prevention Systems. spiral-graph_home-page If your company wishes to establish, support or grow an internal Business Process Improvement (BPI) organization, Monda Consulting can show you how to build a BPI engine that will drive effective strategy execution. We partner with your leaders to identify high potential belt candidates and offer customized training that will grow a strong quality improvement corps. And if you require mentors for your newly minted Green Belts (GB), Black Belts (BB), and Master Black Belts (MBB) we can provide that support through their first critical projects or lead them through their first designed experiment.

“Rapid growth left us with a contracting process that lagged behind the demand, creating customer satisfaction issues. Monda Consulting challenged us to find ways to streamline the process and increase the efficiency of our team. Marilyn helped us create a sustainable model that can manage growth. We couldn’t have done it without her!” —Angela Fiordilino, Chief Operating Officer, eNova

Experience Accelerated Quality Improvement with Monda Consulting