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Executive Level Strategic Planning and Execution

Monda Consulting conducts workshops and coaches leaders so they can align corporate, divisional and/or functional management teams on strategic goals. We provide your leadership teams with the guidance necessary to organize effective strategy execution so they can:

  • Identify the critical initiatives that will accelerate the successful execution of your organization’s strategic goals
  • Pick the right team to deploy your critical strategic initiatives
  • Enable and manage the successful implementation of your critical strategic initiatives
Business Process Improvement (BPI ) Systems

Whether your company’s BPI systems are centralized, distributed, complex or simple—we can help you to make it more effective by:

  • Using the principles of W. Edwards Deming and modern quality theory to build a right-sized BPI structure for your organization and its culture
  • Balancing the development of internal resources such as Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts with your organization’s strategic priorities
  • Conducting demonstration projects to deploy BPI in new areas and illustrate what BPI can do for your organization
Process-focused Kaizen-Like Workshops and Management workshops

Monda Consulting will lead process teams through a unique combination of current and future state process mapping utilizing rapid lean principles and 30-60-90 day action item implementation:

  • Our Rapid Lean Workshops are designed to get the right people in the room—with Monda Consulting as your experienced facilitator.
  • Together with management support, your process experts will identify workable, rapid solutions that achieve your strategic goal for the process and its outcome.
  • Since your operational teams design and support the rationale for making the process changes, effective change management is a natural outcome of our approach.


Defect Prevention Systems

Monda Consulting designs customized Defect Prevention Systems that include:

  • Supplier quality control systems
  • Process-focused risk analysis
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) for key process indicators
  • Equipment and gauge optimization
  • Process capability assessment and reporting
  • Effective process control plans
Graphic and Statistical Analysis

Data is only useful when it is managed. Let Monda Consulting show you how to manage, extract and utilize data by assisting you to:

  • Mine your organization’s existing data to understand process quality and customer requirements
  • Learn how to improve the quality and accuracy of your organization’s data
  • Apply the power of graphic analysis to identify the patterns and trends that are hiding in your data
  • Use hypothesis testing with confidence
  • Design, run and interpret complex statistical analyses such as Designed Experiments, Multiple Regression and Gage and Equipment Capability studies
Customized Training

At Monda Consulting we believe that training should be on-demand, focused, customized and delivered by nimble experts who know how to communicate at all levels of your organization. We provide:

  • BPI training for all levels of your organization, e.g., executives, project teams and general population
  • Seminars that can be adjusted to serve technical or non-technical audiences
  • Innovative Rapid Results Workshops that ready you to quickly identify, assess and implement process improvements.
  • Traditional Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt training delivered by experienced and practicing statisticians
  • Advanced statistical training for engineers, statisticians or other technical resources, e.g., Design of Experiment, R Software, Taguchi Orthogonal Arrays, Design for Six Sigma
  • Change management skill-building training and coaching
  • The latest in problem-solving skill enhancement training
Project Mentoring

Mentoring is a critical element in the development of your internal resources. Monda Consulting can act as a trusted advisor to your GBs, BBs and MBBs and will:

  • Utilize group and customized one-to-one sessions to maximize learning
  • Accelerate strategic projects and increase Belt confidence as they too learn to mentor others
  • Leverage schedules effectively through virtual or on site sessions
Resource Management

We believe your Belts are more than project and problem-solving experts. Your Belts should play a critical role in achieving full benefit from your BPI Strategic Plan. Monda Consulting can help you:

  • Identify and retain the top BPI talent in your organization by leveraging these critical roles
  • Learn how to provide the right level of support and visibility for the high talent BBs and MBBs
  • Avoid underutilization of your Belt resources by learning to link them into your company’s strategy execution planning

“Monda Consulting led our Kaizen and became a real partner in the process. We were shown how to evaluate each step, how to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency. This led to such an improved business process that really underscored the value of the exercise. I can’t remember when a project generated as much enthusiasm and team engagement.”

—Vicki McGuire, Senior Vice President, Vitamin World

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