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Welcome to Monda Consulting Resources Page. Enjoy this resource page to access examples of Monda Consulting client projects (Client Project Case Studies), Articles authored by Marilyn, and Marilyn’s recommendations for books, videos and Quality-focused professional organizations.
Marilyn Monda with W. Edwards Deming in his Washington DC office, 1990

Marilyn Monda with W. Edwards Deming in his Washington DC office, 1990

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to commend to your attention Miss Marilyn Monda as a consultant in quality. She has studied my system of Profound Knowledge and continues to study. She has had long experience in improvement of processes in a wide variety of applications. She is a perennial student, always learning. She is personally delightful to work with.”
—W. Edwards Deming, Consultant in Statistical Studies (August, 1991)

Client Project Case Studies

ERP-Business Process Reconciliation Case Study
Leadership Prioritization Case Study
Process Improvement Case Study

Articles and Courses by Marilyn Monda

The Deming I knew. Interview with M Monda
It’s all happening at the Zoo! QI at the SD Zoo  Hot Pick of the Week!
Leading through Conflict- Connecting, Collaborating and Innovating
Leading through Conflict; seminar brochure
Leadership and Profound Knowledge
A Primer for Enumerative vs Analytic Studies
Defect Prevention Systems

Professional Organizations

ASQ Human Development and Leadership Division (HD&L) – Marilyn Monda, Secretary – Come to HD&L for primers, webinars and news that provide quality leaders with theory and tools in Change Management, Communication, Motivation, Conflict Management, Systems Thinking and Coaching and Mentoring

Essential Reference Books for Accelerated Quality Improvement

Out of the Crisis by W. Edwards Deming
The Fifth Discipline by Peter M. Senge
Shut up and Say Something by Karen Friedman
Understanding Statistical Process Control by Donald J. Wheeler
Guide to Quality Control by Kaoru Ishikawa
Statistical Quality Control Handbook published by AT&T
Defect Prevention by Victor E. Kane

Marilyn’s YouTube Picks

Dr. Deming’s Humor (featuring Marilyn’s 90s hair)
The Minitab Song