Analyze and Improve:
Graphic and Statistical Analysis

Data is only useful when it is managed. Let Monda Consulting show you how to manage, extract and utilize data by assisting you to:mmonda_analyze-graphic

  • Mine your organization’s existing data to understand process quality and customer requirements
  • Learn how to improve the quality and accuracy of your organization’s data
  • Apply the power of graphic analysis to identify the patterns and trends that are hiding in your data
  • Use hypothesis testing with confidence
  • Design, run and interpret complex statistical analyses such as Designed Experiments, Multiple Regression and Gage and Equipment Capability studies

“Marilyn Monda led us in the use of statistical analysis for manufacturing in a clean room environment. We applied gauge analysis for sensitive measurement equipment, and experimental designs to optimize equipment settings for different product runs. Her approach to statistical process control allowed us to provide our customers with consistent, high quality results. She was a great collaborator!”
—Donna Weisshaupt, Quality Leader, Sunward Technologies